April 2020: Blog; Courtesy ABPI

There are significant global efforts underway to diagnose, treat and prevent infections from the virus. Pharmaceutical companies are working globally to combat COVID-19.

Pharmaceutical companies have deep scientific knowledge gained from decades of experience with similar viruses. Companies are researching vaccine candidates and undertaking inventories of research portfolio libraries to identify additional potential treatments for R&D.

Some have donated compounds with the potential to treat coronavirus for emergency use and clinical trials, including compounds formerly tested on other viral pathogens such as Ebola and HIV. Other are exploring ways to use existing technologies that provide the ability to rapidly upscale production once a potential vaccine candidate is identified

This page brings together examples of what pharmaceutical companies around the world are doing to tackle COVID-19. It’s updated regularly and sourced from EFPIA and their round-up of what companies are doing and the IFPMA and their hub of what companies are doing globally.