The DNA revolution: Can we predict people’s chance of getting cancer? Should we?


    Date: October 11, 2016

    Time: 19:00 - 20:30 hrs

    Location: RIGB,London


    Genetic tests for cancer susceptibility are becoming more widely available, but how these are interpreted and how the information is shared can have a huge impact on individuals, their families and the health service.

    Writer and broadcaster Vivienne Parry OBE will chair a panel of experts including Shirley Hodgson, Rebecca Kristeleit, Nazneen Rahman CBE and Mark Taylor. They will discuss DNA tests currently available and their implications for screening, prevention and treatment of cancer; how personal genetic data should be interpreted and shared with patients and others; and the effect this information could have. How accurate might future personal and tumour testing be? Could these techniques eventually lead to cancer being eradicated?

    Royal Society of Biology, the Biochemical Society and Cancer Research UK for Biology Week 2016. Please note that ticket income will be used to cover the cost of the event and is not a donation to the organisations involved.