The 2nd Annual Benelux Precision Medicine Forum Utrecht 13-14 May 2019


    Start date: May 13, 2019

    End date: May 14, 2019

    Time: 09:00hrs

    Location: Van der Valk Hotel Utrecht Winthontlaan 4 -6 3526KV Utrecht Netherlands


    Personalised medicine is currently at an inflection point. There’s been much discussion around genomics, AI and data, but we are now at a point where a number of factors are coming together to make it a reality. We found a great deal of interest in X-omics at last years’ event and the discussion around how we combine all of the omics data continues. The volume and variety of data, computing power and AI technology allow us to precisely discover and identify patient populations who will respond to a drug and deliver personalized therapies. What role can this data and AI play in drug discovery and, indeed even with all the incredible research, and tech, are there regulatory, financial, political or ethical barriers which hold us back? There is much ground to cover before we truly realise the potential of precision medicine.

    As such, for 2019 we will have more speakers, covering more content, more opportunity to engage with your peers, showcases of novels technologies and so much more.

    As the precision medicine movement takes a firmer grip, we will look at the latest data analysis technologies, how AI is transforming the way we think about therapies, the benefit of X-omics; how it is coming to the fore and becoming the norm for everyday methodology for researchers. We will uncover the issues surrounding regulation and what is being done to break down the barriers to nationwide adoption of a personalised approach to medicine.