Start date: November 16, 2016

    End date: November 19, 2016

    Location: London South Bank


    Global changes in healthcare funding, the growing ageing demographic, exponential understanding of genetics, explosions in availability of health and digital data and new digital technologies are all converging to transform healthcare. Breakthrough innovation from within and outside traditional healthcare industries is needed to change business models  to reshape the future for better health, outcomes and value for the consumer and the healthcare system overall.

    Amidst a turbulent healthcare landscape, not least resulting from the UK Brexit vote and its impact on the life sciences and technology sector in the UK and Europe, Lansons Health is ahead of the game and pleased to take a pioneering lead role in the GIANT (Global Innovation And New Technology) Health Event taking place in London from 16-19 November 2016.

    This is not a ‘tech for tech’s’  sake event-  this is an interdisciplinary, cross sector event that brings ideas, technologies and people together and curates innovations that will translate to help people live better lives.  Combining a conference, trade show, and consumer fair, GIANT showcases leading technologies, accelerates innovation and enhances commercial success in a uniquely inspirational and creative environment, and is the most important and main event within #HealthTechWeek (London: 14-21 November, 2016).

    GIANT is geared to support an emerging health industry that is more digital, nimble, responsive and focused on people.  Via its channel Health Innovators TV, the event will spotlight innovators laying down new paths to a more connected, transparent, smart health ecosystem that will democratise health and deliver efficiencies in providing care, ultimately creating better health for more people.

    For any questions drop us a line at Or to find out more and buy tickets visit the Giant Health Event website.