Creating the right leadership culture for innovation


    Date: June 14, 2017

    Time: 09.00 - 12.30

    Location: MediCity Scotland


    It can be a lonely business being an entrepreneur. You alone may bear the burden of responsibility and it’s hard to balance working “in” your business and “on” your business simultaneously, particularly if you are learning on the job!

    Good entrepreneurs (even the seasoned ones) value input and advice from a strong network of trusted contacts to allow them to make informed decisions. They are self-aware enough to know their strengths and weaknesses and are not scared to employ individuals ‘better than them’ to build a strong team and fill the skill gaps. High growth companies grow through innovation in many areas such as recruitment & skills, creating the culture for growth & of course technology.

    Drawing on real life case studies, MediCity Scotland in conjunction with Gearing For Growth®, present an opportunity to look at how high technology companies have structured themselves and brought in strategic expertise to make themselves ready for growth.