7th World Congress on Epigenics and Chromosomes


    Start date: June 24, 2020

    End date: June 25, 2020

    International | UK

    Epigenetics Conference, The world’s largest Epigenetics Conference and Gathering for the Research Community.

    The principal objective of this conference is to provide an international platform for cutting edge research in Chromosome and Epigenetics.

    The encompassing goal of this conference is to cover Chromatin and Chromosome Dynamics, Cytogenetics, Signaling to Chromosome, Nuclear Architecture and Dynamics, Developmental Epigenetics, Epigenomics, Epigenetics and Human Diseases, Genome Stability, Environmental Epigenetics, Tran’s Generational Inheritance, Functional Genomics, System Biology and Super Resolution Microscopy.

    Our aim is to provide Cancer Surgeons, Oncologists, Young researchers, Students, Industrial Delegates and anyone professionally involved in study of Epigenetics, Oncology, Genetics and Radiology and Imaging with an opportunity to learn about the complexity of the disease, discuss interventional procedures, look at new and advanced epigenetic practices and their efficiency and efficacy in the treatment of various Diseases and Tumour Extraction, and understand local realities and practical constraints in improving health-care.

    Join the 7th World Congress on Epigenetics & Chromosome during June 24-25, 2020