1st European Alliance for Personalised Medicine Congress Personalising Your Health: A Global Imperative!


    Start date: November 27, 2017

    End date: November 30, 2017

    Location: Belfast,


    Patient Agenda; Modern-day patients are much better informed than ever before and are demanding to share in co-decision-making about issues affecting their treatments. They are also hugely in favour of being able to share their own private health data (under strict ethical and privacy provisions) for the benefit of fellow patients and future generations.
    Education & Training Agenda; Healthcare professionals (HCPs) are falling behind with front-line knowledge as developments in personalised medicine move swiftly. Europe must put programmes in place to bring, and keep, these HCP up to speed, while improving their interaction skills with patients.
    Regulation Agenda; Proponents of personalised medicine believe that much legislation governing aspects of healthcare are out-of-date and not fit for purpose in these fast-changing times. Despite health largely remaining a Member State competence, regulations and directives must be brought to modern levels through a consensus of experts and key actors, including patients.
    Research & Development Agenda; EAPM has promoted the state of art in research which will be a focus of this Congress and its stakeholders have engaged often with IMI and the European Commission (Horizon 2020) to discuss incentives for industry, patients and academics in the area of R&D