12th Nanotechnology Products Expo


    Start date: November 10, 2016

    End date: November 12, 2016

    Time: 08:00 - 17:00


    By following the successful campaign of Nanotechnology series, OMICS International Conferences is very delighted to Organize the “12th Nanotechnology Products Expo” during November 03-05, 2016 at Melbourne, Australia.

    Nanotechnology plays key roles in science and technology in current era.  The fully integrated exhibition and conferences will enable you to demonstrate and discover state-of-the-art prototypes, technologies and research results from innovative companies, leading research institutes. NanoExpo 2016 will provide excellent opportunities to review the recent development and technological applications covering wide range of topics.

    • Track 1: Nanotechnology in Wireless Communications
    • Track 2: Advanced Nanomaterials
    • Track 3: Energy and Environment
    • Track 4: Environment, Health and Safety Issues of Nanotechnology
    • Track 5: Nanotech in Life Sciences and Medicine
    • Track 6: Nanomaterials Fabrication, Characterization and Tools
    • Track 7: Nano Products
    • Track 8: Nano Electronics
    • Track 9:Nanoparticles
    • Track 10: Nano Applications
    • Track 11:Nanotechnology Safety
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